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Have we really learned the lesson of “Never Again” from the Holocaust? — Holocaust Museum Today in Vilnius, Lithuania

Quick note. Am in Vilnius street. Epicenter of horrific genocides and tremendous repression’s of many sorts, including Nazi and Communist.

Genocide is all about conditions. Today, CCP is setting up Japan for genocide. I’ve been to China many times. They are setting conditions. And here in Vilnius is monument to Japanese Ambassador Chiune Sugihara who saved more than 2,000 Jews. Much of the rest of his life — the latter years — were quiet and obscure until his death when, as story is told, suddenly many Jews flew to Japan to pay highest respects. Japanese who did not know of Sugihara’s heroism were surprised to learn this quiet old man was a hero in their midst. The Jews told the Japanese. Yes, as Nazis marched in, Sugihara saved us.

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Today, conditions are being set in United States.

Genocide takes many forms. The slowest can be almost imperceptible. Sudden genocide can take form of ‘ethnic cleansing’ or displacement. Mass migration. (Slow or sudden.). Cultural. (Is that a word? If not, it is now.)

Previously unarmed groups can quickly be armed with machetes, matches, direction, and promises.

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Lithuania is concerned about infiltration through ‘immigration.’

When conditions are set, genocide can happen glacially or in massive avalanche. Genocide is as real and certain as pandemic. Timing and specifics can be mysterious, but when conditions are set, the hot sun rises, and there are cracks and groans and strange sounds. And then it begins. Avalanche.

And people we never imagined will do it, will do it. Some high military officers will become horrific monsters. Easily brainwashed or induced. Others will fight back.

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Hero’s will emerge — typically the most unlikely people will be the heroes. Like Sugihara, the quiet Japanese, though he was Ambassador. Few of the thousands of ambassadors lifted a helping hand. A Dutch ambassador helped.

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Heroes often are the ones everyone ignores and takes for granted and barely notice today. Until their ‘hero gene’ suddenly activates. Young and old. Educated and not. Some hidden ‘gene’ inside them will suddenly light. Something even they never knew was within them. Watch. You will see. People we expect to be heroic will often fail or turn. People we never gave a second glance will be the backbone of resilience. Many will be people who never cared for or even could get in the military even if they wanted.

Some people reading this have experienced this. Others will see during upcoming times.

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Keep note of the beasts who emerge. All details are important. And when it’s over and courts are restored the Beasts will see judgment before the Law.

The Holocaust museum in Vilnius occupies an old home said to have belonged to a Jewish family.

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