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Left of Bang



The computer and software do some magic, and makes cool pictures to boot.

CSI Combat: I’ll have to email this dispatch to Gary Sinise, a star in CSI New York.  Gary will probably get a kick out of this considering how many times he’s gone to Iraq and Afghanistan.


NDS is the Afghan National Directorate for Security.   It’s the rough equivalent of a synthesis between the FBI and CIA.  They have a pretty solid reputation with our people for getting the job done.  Though this forensics work is not certified to be used in Afghan courts, the NDS is being trained in collection techniques.


It’s easy to understand that DNA analysis is complex business, but I did not realize how complex fingerprint work is until coming to the labs.  It’s surprisingly rich with technical minutiae.


Science-loving kids would love to see these labs.  Iodine fuming kit?  What’s that for?  Unfortunately, for every question there was time to ask, there were a hundred more questions in the queue.


They’ve even got lasers.  And not the puny ones.


And laser glasses.


Got to know your way around a camera here.

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