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Man Dogs

Kandahar Airfield

The art, a heat painting on canvas of air and dust, conjured Van Gogh’s Starry Night for a private audience, and disappeared forever.

Random helicopter with refueling proboscis.

Predator returning to the lair.

Predators can carry two Hellfire missiles.  This Predator has only one.  Maybe the missile was fired or, maybe the Predator was launched with only one Hellfire (can carry two) to conserve fuel and increase range or loiter time.

Predator with two Hellfire missiles.  Notice the inverted “V” of the tail.  The tail on Reapers is like a normal “V.”

Reaper with “V” tail.

Reaper passes over with four Hellfire missiles and two smart bombs.

Though the Man Dogs succeeded on Saturday night, their trainers are being hunted down and killed.

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