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Sometimes the enemy throws grenades over the walls.  They like IEDs, we like helicopters.  It’s all fair play when we are trying to kill each other.   We should come to an agreement with the Taliban: we won’t call them cowards for using IEDs if they don’t call us cowards for using Predators and A-10s.


It’s difficult to carry enough water, and so CSM Charles Cook brings a water filter.  After a decade of war, it remains a great mystery that the Army does not widely issue small filters.  CSM took matters into his own hands and bought one.


Some Soldiers were running low on water.  There are tablets, but the water here is especially nasty and so the troops use CSM Cook’s filter and also tablets.  Otherwise, we have to call in helicopters which risk getting shot down, not to mention the stress on an already stressed system.


These images were taken many weeks ago during an air assault mission.  Interestingly, this dog is searching just meters away from where an ANA Soldier stepped on an IED this Sunday on 11 September.  The explosion was loud but he was okay.  He looked a little shocked but he is going to be fine.


There are many sights to see in this small area.


And many paths to walk.

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