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River of Tears: Snapshots from the Edge of a War

Salween River: Burma on the left, Thailand on the right.
Fractions. Don't be surprised if you stumble into a remote village and find kids who are better at math than you are! Language class.

Living in this jungle world are a people without a country.  Other ethnic minorities in Burma face similar pressures, though after decades of fighting, the minorities have been unable to forge a strong united front.

The minorities have limited freedom of movement.  It’s hard to know if the jungle is a prison, freedom, or both.  If prison is lack of freedom, and freedom is lack of prison, both are as much a state of mind as of matter.

The yellow pin to the left is just inside Burma at the Karen IDP camp we visited.

Yellow trace is the Thai-Burma border, with Thailand on the right.  The pin on the right is the location of the Jungle Twins described in a recent dispatch.

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