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Veterans Day, 2020 – In front of the White House: Washington, D.C.


My apology up front: this is a NO EDIT STREAM OF CONCIOUSNESS – am very busy here:

Let’s roll:

Black Lives Matter has defaced the road with gang markings in front of the White House. I am right here right now but about 50 meters away from that top photo.

Buildings around Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Portland, and many other cities are pasted with “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Businesses are boarded up to ward off the Flat Screen Rioters (FSRs) encouraged by team-Biden.

Some readers will say, “But Michael! You’re getting political!” Reality check: Osama bin Laden made the attacks on America for religiopolitical reasons. Historical fact. Politics to war.

It is also historical fact that I stood at 0430 this morning in front of the White House on “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” so-named this year, officially. And scrawled the graffiti of racial superiority and violence down the road.

They have murdered people and caused billions of dollars in losses due to theft, arson, and loss of business. Just here last week numerous people were stabbed and beaten. Right here. In front of the White House.

image003Google Earth image.

When terrorist groups did this in Iraq, do you know what we did? We hunted them down. I was there as witness. General Petraeus warned not to fly sectarian or other flags, or else.

And do you know what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan when people interfered with elections? I was there for both. We shot them.


Do you know what we did when we caught terrorists fighting in the streets? We shot them. With rifles. With helicopters. With A-10s. With Hellfire missiles.


And you see why people like me are ready to leave Afghanistan and not get involved in Syria. If we cannot run a simple election in United States, we have no business installing our operating system abroad. President Trump is right. Get us out. Fix our own house.

We’ve got a guy with dementia and his crack-addict son — who clearly have sold out to foreign powers. A crackpot and a crack addict are a crack-pipe away from the White House, after an obviously fraudulent election.


We are so close to civil war that I can smell the gun oil. Ammunition is flying off the shelves by the billions of rounds. First-time gun owners have stripped the shelves. Anti-second amendment people have armed-up and some say explicitly this is to kill people like me who believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and the Constitution in total. Supporting the Constitution is now seen as radical.


Fact: Democrats formed the First Ku Klux Klan after the First Civil War. (More accurately, the 1861-65 Civil War. There were other U.S. Civil Wars such as during Revolutionary War.)

And now, Black Lives Matter is the Black Ku Klux Klan, who has allied itself with ANTIFA and other terrorists. I have been out with ANTIFA and terrorists on many occasions since my return. They are terrorists by any rational definition. Already, ANTIFA in Portland is turning against Biden.

I’ve also been out with Proud Boys in Portland several times and we communicate daily. They are not white supremacist. A lot of them are not even white. I just got off the phone with the Proud Boy leader in Portland. We spent a lot of time together and I don’t even know if he is ‘white.’ Maybe. Heck if I know. Seems impolite to ask. He’ll probably read this and tell me. Let’s put it like this – if Proud Boys were terrorists, I would not be meeting them alone using my real name.

Enrique, the nationwide leader of Proud Boys, looks kind of black-hispanic to me. He’s very smart. I met Enrique in Portland. He’s here in D.C. and got knife-slashed with a knife about right here at the BLM gang graffiti last week. Nearly where I am sitting. Enrique is okay.

I got no problem meeting alone with Proud Boys with my real name. They can have all the guns and knives they want. I’ll go fishing alone with them. Proud Boys are not going to hurt me, or you.

ANTIFA or BLM will surely kill me. Boogaloo Boys are trouble like ANTIFA and BLM. Boogaloo, ANTIFA, BLM, Ku Klux Klan, sweat racism. Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Patriot Prayer all seem fine to me. That said – the moment I publish this one of their thousands of members might do something and this will appear to be false, but from my own sources, law enforcement at State and Federal level, and my own eyes, it’s like this:

Offensive Terrorists trading in racism and fantasy – Dangerous for society:

Ku Klux Klan (White BLM)
Black Lives Matter (Black KKK)
ANTIFA (psychos)
Boogaloo Boys (radical somethings who seem to hate everything)

Defensive militias who want to be left alone – I do not consider a threat to me or to you:

Proud Boys (Normal people who drink a lot of beer)
Three Percenters (Normal people who drink less beer)
Patriot Prayer (Christians who should not be drinking beer but some probably do)

The Democrats may think they control BLM and ANTIFA. This is a mirage. They supported something that now has a life of its own, and this thing they fed is now bigger and hates Democrats, on whole.



Archibald’s girlie club is 85 meters from the spot I made the photos above this morning. This is the joint in which Hunter Biden is accused of smoking crack, and having picked up and impregnated a woman who seeks child support while Hunter lives large on money apparently from foreign sources splashed up his nose possibly to gain access to the White House, just a short stroll down Black Lives Matter into the White House.

China floods our streets with fentanyl and virus. Biden has facilitated this for years as China sucks our manufacturing jobs into their hands that they then use to make weapons to defeat our Navy. They’ve already taken Hong Kong. Limbering up for Japan. Don’t believe me? How often have I been wrong on such matters? I hit like Babe Ruth because I study like Rain Man.

Since 2014 or ‘15 I started publishing that Japan and Korea likely would split on the comfort women issue. In 2019, Japan-ROK relations melted over this topic. This is important. Same tactics are being used against United States. I say to my Japanese friends if they want to understand Black Lives Matter, just swap Black for Korean. KLM. Got it? It’s practically parallel other than blacks really were treated horrendously in America while Koreans only live this in fantasy. Propaganda works.

I’ve published three books in Japan on this topic. The publisher is waiting for another but we are having a bit of difficulty due to possible profound civil war in America. This is all related. This is why you saw me in China. Hong Kong. Taiwan. Thailand. Japan. Philippines. Myanmar. Laos. Cambodia. Bhutan. Indonesia. Malaysia. Philippines. Australia. Los Angeles. And more. I know this topic. And so the communists kicked me out of Hong Kong earlier this year. It hit the news.

No matter how many times Japan apologizes for something that did not happen in the way Koreans describe – this is a deep hole and no space here – Korea demands yet another apology. A kidney. Another kidney. Get on your knees and kiss my feet and give me your heart. Japan must tell Korea to back off. Apologies are done. Standing up will do far more than politeness that begs the bully.

Japan must scratch Article 9 from the Constitution that we wrote. Japan must stand again. Or die a final death. Piece by piece. Death by demographic and economic nibbles until China is ready for something more serious.

Japan must stop apologizing. Stop losing face. Tell Korea to back off. Korea must show respect or lose face in front of the world. Japan is possibly the most respected country in the world. Japanese have earned respect. A person disrespects himself and looks bad in the eyes of others when he disrespects a good person. KLM.

Likewise, constant demand in America to ‘denounce white supremacy.’ Now denounce it again. These public humiliations are called struggle sessions. An old communist brainwashing tactic.

In just a matter of months, Hong Kong descended from a high and hard-won perch of being one of the finest places in the world to live and prosper. People of high wealth and education moved or vacationed in Hong Kong. Today, the students and others flee. As did Cubans, East Germans, North Koreans. They flee from tyranny that many Americans think they want here. Courageous Hong Kongers continue to fight. America must stand with Hong Kongers. I do.

I spent June 2019 to early January 2020 in Hong Kong. I took a break to Thailand and was denied re-entry to Hong Kong on 05 Feb 2020.

I went to Hong Kong because I thought there might be insurgency brewing, and there was. Insurgencies like that in Hong Kong will not die easily. This will go on. It will change forms but will continue.

Australia is on the menu. Australia and Canada have been busy selling out even faster than America.

Not a single country in Europe can defend itself. I saw them in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Examples are the very courageous and competent Canadian and British Soldiers who do not have sufficient gear to fight. They all depend on America.

The incredible but few. The Aussies. Aussies are formidable man-for-man. As are Brits and Canadians. No dispute. But they are outnumbered, outgunned, out-economy’d, out-everything’d. Without allies, Australia stands naked in the South Pacific. Canada and U.K. are all but defenseless.

Specifically, without America, Australia stands naked and alone. Who will come help? Really. Internally, Australia is so politically correct and testosteronally-inert due to information war that Aussies are putting up sufficient fight to keep Australia free. Australia is on trajectory with Western Europe. The information war demands that men pump their blood through filters to remove testosterone, so that they become inert drones and say stupid things like, “Women should be Marine Infantry Machine Gunners.” It’s really as stupid as saying women should fight Mike Tyson. Pashtun will eat your ass alive.

Pashtun people tell me about problems they are having with Chinese. They want American help in Pakistan. I say you beat the hell out of the Russians and gave us a good fight. Now beat the Chinese! (Pashtun are one enemy that I greatly respect. They are great fighters and very civilized in their own ways. Nothing like BLM or ANTIFA or Ku Klux Klan.)

If the United States goes into profound civil war, Australia is easy play for China. New Zealand is juicy apple bobbing in the Pacific, and political correctness has likewise rendered Kiwiland inert against stocking their aquarium with incompatible fish.

Likewise, Thailand. Thais and others have seen their rivers squeezed by Chinese dams. They’ve made hardly a peep in reply to China. Eventually, if China continues on its dark trajectory, China will make a go at Kra Isthmus to skirt Straits of Malacca. Mark my word. One way or another, China will go for Kra.

And now problems rising in my beloved Thailand. The likely suspects are blaming America again. And, to be sure, the far-lefty Ambassador Kristie Kenney was part of the problems in 2014. My public battles with Ambassador Kenney are well known in Thailand. In the mornings, some Embassy staff would post my latest about her meddling in Thailand and her allies would rush to rip down the posts. The game went for months. It got to her. People close to the Ambassador told me that I was getting on her nerves and she was becoming a mess.

When she left, one of the biggest papers in Thailand published:

“It must be said, though, that one of those doing the sharing was American writer Michael Yon, who’s been among her harshest critics. He passed it on with the comment, “Thailand: Fantastic News! Ambassador Kristie Kenney is finally going home! Thank you for going home, Ambassador Kenney. Many people greatly appreciate this.” The graceless sarcasm attracted plenty of hostile reactions in turn.”

I was certainly graceless with Ambassador Kenney. She sucked up to the communist side who were making terror attacks that were killing good Thai people. Thais noticed. As did I. As did many retired Special Forces and CIA people in Thailand. We were very unhappy. I was their voice. We had a leftwing, radical Ambassador, fiddling with one of our longest and most important allies. We are Americans. We fought back against our deranged Ambassador. We won.

I have much more to say about Japan, Afghanistan, masks, China, but I must punch out now to prepare for an interview with John Bachelor and Gordon Chang, and there is a protest scheduled today down the road by Trump supporters at the Fox offices. I want to be there. I wish I had a Biden hat to wear to the Trump rally. To show you what will happen. Nothing. But if I wear a Trump hat to a Biden rally I might literally be killed.

My apologies for cutting this short and no edit stream of consciousness.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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