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Day 8: A day in Monrovia, Indiana

2 March 2022 — Day 8

Yesterday’s appearance on WarRoom.

The People’s Convoy has grown beyond expectations. This WarRoom hit with Steve Bannon was from late yesterday.

Monrovia, Indiana: People’s Convoy

Going High over the convoy today.  Video to follow.

Now People’s Convoy Indiana—Rally tonight!




Michael Yon

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  1. I just heard you on Warroom, so I am now following you on Gettr. Thank you for everything you are doing; and hoorah to all the truckers. They are all headed my way; I’m in commie DC.

  2. Rock it!! Rolling Rigs big time! God Bless you all! We The People in Order to form a more perfect Union will make our voices heard from sea to shining sea. You all are the Force Multiplier!

  3. I live in indiana and I used to drive truck my self . Thank you for doing what your doing . For an example of how far the mask mandating gos . Even though the mandates are being dropped . My employer still makes us ware them because it’s there policy . They have even went as far as to say in the past . That if you don’t ware one they can and will send you home : so again thank you drivers .

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