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21-22 June 2022
Piedras Negras, Mexico

Millions Crossing our Border this year.

The caravan makes cool optics but on the scale is dust.

May was 239,000 apprehended, 61,000 known getaways. 300,000. A Border Patrol agent told me 10 minutes ago that 61,000 is a big underestimate so that Border Patrol looks more effective.  That’s about 10,000+ per day.  This does not account for easier tourist visas, anchor babies, etc.

I’ve been out watching the river. Fewer people trying to cross here tonight. River rising.

An Alien man decided to make a go alone. Sun was down but still light. Winds picking up, dust, trees rustling loudly. The River itself is at that dangerous stage where it’s still mostly quiet. Quiet, and small enough to tempt a person to go for it. Life can be like that.

There is a zone where ‘the thing’ is obviously dangerous, and on the other end, obviously safe. Between the zones of Obviously Dangerous and Obviously Safe is the real Danger Zone. The temptation zone.

For air temperatures, that would be roughly in the 50s Fahrenheit. Warm enough to lull one into complacency. Leave the jacket behind. And goodbye.

Tonight, the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass is in that zone. It’s not Obviously Dangerous. And not Obviously Safe. Danger Zone. The river is not loud tonight. The wind is loud, but the river is just flowing there, invitingly.

The Aliens are stuck in Mexico until they can cross that Rubicon.

And so the man stood there for a while. Eased his way further in. Everyone watching. Some pointing. No voices could be heard.

Just two months ago, in this area, two Aliens were having trouble crossing. A heroic American Soldier, 22 year-old Bishop Evans, ditched his body armor and kit to rescue the men. The men lived. Bishop drowned right in this area. Rest in Peace.

Aliens and others constantly drown in this river.

And this evening, the Alien stepped into the river near the danger alligators sign and danger drowning sign. And went for it…going…going…within 30 seconds the river was whipping him. Many people were watching and pointing.

Still no voices could be heard. Like watching a leaf fall. Everyone just watched in silence.

He was tiring. The river was not.

There was no chance for rescue from either side. The struggle quickened and lasted for a minute or two as he was swept downriver into the darker area by Bridge 2 at Eagle Pass.

Somehow he made it. Pulled himself onto the bank and collapsed.

A few minutes later he got up the bank and the Texas National Guard welcomed him to Texas.

Migrants crossing deep blue river shimmering with the silver moon reflection while onlookers observe from the banks underneath a danger zone sign
Photo Copyright 2022 Michael Yon

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