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R.I.P. SGT Donna Johnson

MG 1142-1000

We parked the car on the corner directly across the street from her house. A crowd was massing quickly at the park, taking up an entire block. We were to be placed around the Westboro protesters and would march out. Westboro had their permit for two blocks from the church where the service was to be held. It was to last from 1015 hrs until 1100 hrs when the service started.

Parked at the staging area, across the street from Donna’s house.

MG 1158-1000Staging to join the group already blocking the protesters.

When the time came, everyone began moving toward the protesters, one block north and then one block east, away from the church.

MG 1259-1000Moving toward our objective.

As we rounded the corner, we caught our first glimpse of those who would defile this day with their hateful presence.

MG 1283-1000The protesters, hidden behind a sea of Donna’s friends, family, co-workers, and supporters.

I looked the other way, toward the church where the service was being held, and was greeted by this sight:

MG 1293-1000More people outside of the church. I have no idea how many were here.

I began to move closer to the protesters, finally catching my first glimpse of the American equivalent of the Taliban as far as religious extremists go.

MG 1321-1000Westboro Baptist Church protesters.

That flag being worn about the waist of the Westboro woman as well as the two being worn so as to be dragged on the ground by the older man were to become the cause of the one arrest of the day. The four WBC people were faced with an impenetrable wall of Donna’s supporters. By the end of the protest, the boy in the shorts and the blue hoodie had flushed cheeks and shame in his eyes, as well he should.

Don Carter

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