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CCP information War in Panama City, Panama: Confucius Institute

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In January 2021, miles of walls were erected inside of Washington, D.C. I was there. And then flew to the Wall in Texas, then New Mexico, including to research and reveal more CCP information operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and then flew to Colombia and finally here to Panama.

CCP information and tangible operations are everywhere I go.

Dozens of countries, and U.S. States, I have personally researched.

CCP took Hong Kong. I was there during the taking. Getting hit with rubber bullets and bathed in teargas night after night for about seven months.

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In Hong Kong, I live streamed from inside the Polytechnic University from the Confucius Institute. I have been told that CCP is investigating me in regard to the attack on Polytechnic University. I was demonstrably far away when that happened. So far away that I was in Thailand when the attack kicked off. By the time I flew back to Hong Kong and got to PolyU, the attack was already winding down. In any case, I was livestreaming, not cutting through fence.

But that will not stop China. After the Anchorage debacle, where CCP pummeled the Biden Team, CCP smells D.C. weakness. I would not be at all surprised if CCP starts with “extraordinary renditions.” The kidnapping of Canadian, American, Australian, and other citizens of countries with weak and unintelligent governments.

We are now well within the political realm of China kidnapping Americans through third countries, such as Panama, and either disappearing victims forever, or displaying victims months or years later, in China, broken, denouncing their crimes and countries of origin.




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In Hong Kong, I was present at most of the larger attacks such as the storming of LegCo — the Legislative Council. Equivalent to attack the U.S. Capitol. Hong Kongers fought brilliantly and hard and the fight continues. Notice today, during my live interviews, I typically wear my Hong Kong hat. Which, perversely, comes with a “made in China” tag. As so many American flags.

In February, the communists deported me from Hong Kong — they say “denied entry”.

And now we find their Confucius spy agency here in Panama City, at the university. Where, without a doubt, Panamanian students are recruited, given wonderful scholarships to China, and brought aboard with silver or lead. Of course, lead these says is often nothing more than compromising videos.

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I must go. Thank you for suffering unedited mind dumps. I can say much more in this way.

And a HUGE thank you for financial support. This work is expensive, difficult, dangerous. If you want alternatives to CNN, etc., alternatives do cost. I reach large audiences with many interviews that you may see, and not see.

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Make sure to see the photos above. I took them all other than the space shot of the Suez ship wreck.

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