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Dispatch 26: America is Pretty Cool, and THE TWILIGHT ZONE


Lacey, Washington

After many years overseas, I’ve now been home to America for a full month. Mostly, so far, in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Now in Lacey.

Yesterday, I spent 13 hours with a couple of veteran friends. The senior of our group did about 30 years of service and joined in 1960.

Something that strikes me is something that is common among Americans, but not of many other folks I see around the world.

We often have these strange, extremely diverse lives all in one person. For instance, an infantry soldier who goes off to war, comes back and becomes a cop, then a medical doctor, and finally a lawyer, and then an artist of some sort. Special people like this are common. Common in America.

All three of us yesterday have lives that are equally unlikely and incredibly diverse. In America, you can just re-imagine yourself. And do it. Just do it. The cop who wants to be an airline pilot. The business owner, or lawyer, who ditches it all to become a writer.

Or move from California to New York, to Mexico, then to India, and over to France.

The US military alone is extraordinary. No other military facilitates so many people going to so many schools and traveling or living in so many countries. What comes out is a different person, and nearly always an Upgrade.

One person can live numerous very diverse lives. You can become a SEAL, then later start a rock band, fail at music because everyone knows SEALs cannot sing, and the become a doctor.

And so we end up with tons of people with tons of strange life-sets. Mixing all these experiences in one head creates an entirely ‘nother something that will never work on a CV.

Remember these words. Most folks from other countries tend to live far more straightforward lives. Such as study X, become X, and stay X all their lives, and might not move much. But in America, we got millions of people who were X, Y, T, R, S, and lived Here, There, Over There, Back There, Some Where, and Over Here, and due to all these diverse experiences they truly are especially unique.

This is a very cool thing about America that you might take for granted because this is common in America. But believe me…this is uncommon in the world. If you were born in America, count your lucky stars. Now go do something.

It’s almost 0300 here in Lacey, Washington. Last night we visited the spot where the ANTIFA assassin was gunned down recently. The terrorist gunned down a man in Portland, then fled to here, and was gunned down just near my hotel.

Please do not add terrorist or ANTIFA to your experiences. Add Patriot. We need Patriots.

Be the American who uses these special opportunities in special ways.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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