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Dispatch 35: Landed in Washington, DC


Yesterday flew from Washington State, across America, landed at Dulles.

IMG 4022

My friend Erik Peterson picked me up at the airport. COL (ret.) USMC, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. We headed straight downtown to “the hot zone”. There is a big homeless camp as we entered downtown — reminiscent of Portland and other parts in Oregon and Washington State.

IMG 3995

IMG 3963

Down by the White House area nothing much going on other than many windows boarded. BLM graffiti everywhere.

IMG 3943

We walked into the new “Black Lives Matter Place” where the big yellow BLACK LIVES MATTER is painted on the road, just near the church that was set ablaze. Apparently minor blaze. Three guys were out literally beating war drums.

Naturally we walked straight to the graffiti and signs and I made dozens of photos to study later. There were semi-permanent looking protesters there. Bum-like in appearance. Am guessing they may be homeless paid to stay there, or homeless activist, or some variant. See similar in Portland downtown.

On the graffiti and signs — some looks professionally made. Much is just the sort of mindless cardboard sloganeering with markers, chalk in the road, or basically crayon-level-thinking and delivery.

IMG 3794 1

Bricks were removed from the sidewalk — remember this from my work in Hong Kong, etc. Bricks are common ammo in street battles.

We drove by the Archibald strip club made recently famous by Hunter Biden. Headed to the Trump hotel and sat in the Benjamin Bar at the hotel. Benjamin Franklin statue outside is intact.

IMG 3724 1

This happens to be a Blue Moon — once in a blue moon on Halloween, of all nights — and so made a few images of Benjamin Franklin on a Blue Moon on Halloween by Trump’s hotel in Washington, DC. It’s 2020, so, you know, that’s kind of normal now.

I will be here though the election. This still start getting expensive as I will move to downtown hotel soon. Please support my efforts. Soon, I will make a fundraiser to invest in a mobile media platform/RV. About $240,000. Already $35k pledged before having done the fundraiser, so we already about 15% there. Very much need this for various reasons — one being safety. Last hotel I stayed in Lacey, Washington — checked out yesterday — they recognized me. This was just a stroll from where the ANTIFA guy, Reinoehl, was killed recently. This was the ANTIFA who assassinated in cold blood the Patriot Prayer member, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, in Portland. Just down the road from the hotel I stayed in Portland.

Luckily they were “Michael friendly” and I was not doxed. Cannot continue like this as I am too well known.

Please share my updates, and support if you can. But don’t worry. My work always has been free and not behind paywalls. If we go into war, I need to be mobile and relatively safe, and for this I need help. But my dispatches will be free.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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