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Censorship: Facebook Strikes Again, in Favor of North Koreans


If it were not happening to me so often, all these complaints might seem like exaggeration. They are not exaggeration. Of the recent about 120 days, my account has been blocked for 60 days. Why? This earned the first 30-day Facebook suspension:


A blue circle on a face was worth a 30 day block. This was considered bullying.

The blue face above is a Korean-American who sides with a group called Chong Dae Hyup. CHD is anti-South Korea, anti-Japan, anti-USA. I have been to the CDH office in Seoul and researched their activities extensively. A CDH supporter attacked the Japanese Ambassador to Korea, and later tried to assassinate US Ambassador to Korea, Mark Lippert. Ambassador Lippert was badly cut.

CDH is operating in the USA. I have written about CDH many times.

Some days ago, this comment earned my second 30-day block from Facebook.


What do the above comments that were blocked have in common? Numerous items, one of which is sensitive Koreans, and Chong Dae Hyup, which preys on sensitive Koreans.

Chong Dae Hyup is the Korean version of Black Lives Matter. ‘Korean Lives Matter’ embodies similar emotional baggage ranging from a raging sense of victimhood to an equally raging sense of entitlement, extraordinary racism that is unflinchingly projected, coupled with a ‘triggering’ mechanism they believe excuses any act of violence or predatory behavior. CDH (Korean Lives Matter), is BLM on personality accelerants.

Despite my numerous appeals to Facebook, the censorship masters do not deign to answer.

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