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JTAC: Joint Terminal Attack Controller



The enemy here has been using a devastating 82mm recoilless rifle that destroys our vehicles and likely can go through these walls.  RPGs and small arms will not go through these walls, and in fact some of the 30mm ammunition on A-10s and Apaches also won’t penetrate, but that doesn’t make much difference for them because they can shoot into the compounds from above.


The nights are good for practicing with the camera.  The Milky Way Galaxy modeled by drifting across the heavens.


One by one the men fell asleep while the JTACs stayed on the roof along with a few Soldiers.


Switching to the full-spectrum camera, two aircraft using IR strobes can be seen in the darkness.  There was no moon and they could not be seen by the naked eye.


Two nearly invisible aircraft picked up by the specially modified Canon Mark II 5d.


Full spectrum camera picks up another “invisible” aircraft.


Restless night.


A cannon fires illumination that drifts in the night for some unrelated unit in the distance.

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