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JTAC: Joint Terminal Attack Controller



More illumination in deep darkness.


The ghost of a Soldier can be seen leaning over the antennae.


Near midnight, a CH-47 delivers resupply just outside the compound.  I had been sleeping on the ground inside the compound and got up to take this photo and it nearly blows me away.  The Kopp-Etchells Effect is very bright, but I am being beaten badly by small stones and debris and have great difficulty keeping the camera still.


Kopp-Etchells Effect.


Morning Twilight and the JTACS are still there.


The JTACs stayed on that roof without a sliver of shade.  They wore full body armor and helmets, in Afghanistan summer sun, for two full days, one full night, and part of another night.  They never complained.

Finally, a JTAC comes down from the roof, and I asked why they never come down.  He laughed and answered, “We are afraid of the ladder.”  Despite all that heat and discomfort, they kept that attitude the entire time.  Much respect for the JTACs.

I told him he needs new pants.

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