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Rob Bowman Passed Away

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During the combat time, Rob brought courage and steadiness to his platoon, and kindly offered much time to help make my dispatches accurate.

Staff Sergeant Adam Lingo of Deuce Four wrote to me yesterday,  “He told me something that stuck with me and made me understand why he was a great leader he said “don’t ever forget what it was like to be a private. You take care of your Joes and they’ll take care of you!”

After Iraq, Rob Bowman helped with my book, Inside the Inferno.   In 2011, when I learned he had cancer, I called from Afghanistan and we enjoyed a long conversation via satellite phone.  It was an honor to call Rob a friend.

image003-1000SFC Bowman shades his commander’s eyes after he was shot in Iraq.

During our call, Rob was his normal self, exuding confidence in the face of a lethal enemy.  He remained inspirational.  Even on the day that he died, I had gone for a walk and wondered how he was doing.  Rob is one of those men in war whom you never forget, and always remember.


Numerous people in the Deuce Four contacted me with the news.  All of these veterans are terribly saddened.

Goodbye Rob Bowman.  You are missed and remembered by many people.  Rest in Peace.

Michael Yon

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