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28 January 2022

Mind purge, sans edit

I finished read his latest book yesterday while watching the invasion in Mexico.

BLUF: Zeihan is a huckster. Has no idea what he is talking about half the time. Zeihan baffles with bullshit. Another intellectual male who in video openly fawns over Zelensky as if for a wanna-be lover.

I cannot read Zeihan’s mind, but I can read and listen to his words. Zeihan is the sort of male that through acting and faux-intellectualism lulls people to sleep or into traps.

I do not recommend this book, though am happy I read it — along with watching Zeihan on videos, I smell a shill. Gelding with a microphone

More evidence: This book is on the New York Times Bestseller list. Zeihan is endorsed by Mitt Romney, Ian Bremmer, and Fareed Zakaria.

In 2022, so-called ‘analyst’ ‘intellectual’ who still is pushing the faux vaxxines is, at best amazingly stupid. Or a shill. Likely both.

Zeihan’s vax-shilling alone will be his undoing. These bills will come due.

Zeihan was scheduled for a big interview. I know the gatekeeper and alerted of some passages in this book.

Zeihan is part of an ecosystem rocking Americans to sleep.

Two images:

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  1. Ive never seen him shilling for any wars at all. He analyses whats going on, and makes some predictions, many of which have been born out.

  2. Zeihan is part of a deep state network that pushes a grand narrative out to the public. He is a paid speaker and gets rewarded monetarily for pushing ideology. Malcom Nance is another one of these goons. The real world has dynamic moving parts that facts & figures, no matter how accurate in isolation, cannot qualify, so go on believing such speciousness at your own risk. And for the true believers, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you….

  3. So hows that covid jab working out for you if its not faux? From what I see its a failure but being propped up by the MSM and the WH Vegetable. What about all these deaths of ‘otherwise healthy’ people occuring?

  4. Zeihan uses geography, demography, food production, energy availability, and other natural attributes of a country to to do his analysis and draw his conclusions and make his projections. These attributes come across as very deterministic in terms of national strategy or economic success. But, seem to work. He is entertaining, though may rub some the wrong way; lets his personal bias show, and is indeed glib and irreverent as part of his schtick. His basic thesis that with the US withdrawal from the role of sustaining/imposing globalism will cause great deal of disruption seems to be playing out in real time. And, he anticipated Russia’s efforts with respect to Ukraine. I sometimes think he is shilling for the international wing of US foreign policy establishment. He has admitted his personal leanings in that direction. He also sees himself as a “Green”; but has panned solar and wind as possible solutions globally to Climate Change. He is also gay as he acknowledged in a presentation. I perceive him as a progressive in his cultural, world view and view of what he would like the US role to be. I consider myself a conservative and enjoy his work and mix it with others.

  5. You can tell Zeihan is BS-ing. True intellectuals and academics are more measured in Their language and hedge their statements rather than making bombastic predictions. He also looks away and gets cagey when pressed for details. He is not trustworthy or believable.

  6. After following Zeihan on YouTube for awhile I had this nagging feeling that I had heard this type of glib and simplistic rhetoric years ago, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly where. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks – Peter Zeihan is the latest reinvention of debunked & discredited NY Times correspondent Thomas Friedman who was one of the biggest cheerleaders of regime change wars in, not just the Middle East, but indeed the World. I suspect that Zeihan is just another neocon war shill who will land with a thud on the dustbin of history sooner, rather than later.

    • Ive never seen him shilling for any wars at all. He analyses whats going on, and makes some predictions, many of which have been born out.

  7. I came here after hearing Zeihan on JRE. He declares that the Russians are fighting with “Scooby-Doo vans”, inverses the casualty counts, says children are “noisy, expensive, dirty pieces of furniture” and mischaracterizes Russia’s mission in Ukraine. He calls the Russian religion creepy, and he caricatures the battle of good vs evil as a farce. Russia has stated that they don’t want to be forced by the world community into mass immigration, redefining marriage, castrating children, and men in women’s sports. The BRICS nations are forming a commodity backed currency while the US Dollar, backed by Americans ability to pay their taxes, is being replaced as the worlds reserve currency. The BRICS nations have more than half of the world’s natural resources and half of the worlds people. They will move on without US hegemony. Also, if Ukraine is beating the Russians so easily, why are they begging the world for emergency help?

  8. I read Peter Zeihan’s book recently- The end of the world is just the beginning and recently started following him on YouTube so I’m probably not as informed as some of you about him. But after I read his book and gave him a wonderful review I started doing some research on the web concerning his ideas. What he had to say concerning Ukraine was very interesting So I listened to other YouTube videos one of a certain colonel talking about the situation in Ukraine. Things that we are not seeing like the Ukrainian soldiers going without food,without medical care and without leadership. Do we really know what’s going on unless we have been there?
    I study the vaccine situation by actually listening to doctors and immunologists online. They actually describe what happens to your body after a vaccine. I’m not listening to Pfizer or Moderna giving out their opinions to garner more profit. I go to some of the actual medical journals as well. This is an experimental vaccine it is still an emergency vaccine and before it was released on the public it had only had a couple humans in a study they did not turn out well. We are basically guinea pigs for this new technology. We all think that we are the owners of fact but we’re not – we have to dig deeper and deeper to find them. Youwon’t find them on many of the major media outlets. Much of what we hear today is propaganda and then we repeat it as if it is fact. I could go into great detail detail about what the vaccine does in your body but search this out for yourself. I myself have been vaccinated but I have learned a lot since then.
    We can talk about a huge number of things but Peter Zeihan is raising our awareness of geography and how it relates to politics – if nothing else that is a good thing. None of us are as smart as we pretend to be.

  9. “at best amazingly stupid”

    That is quite an arrogant claim. You may disagree with Zeihan, his presuppositions and predictions, but it is foolish to dismiss someone you disagree with as stupid.

    Zeihan was former VP at Stratfor, author of numerous books, and a sought after speaker for many industries and policy makers. Hardly stupid.

    I appreciate much of what he says as it is largely based on hard facts (demographics, industry sectors and inputs, etc.), not tribal based group-think or conspiracy.

    • One can be intelligent….and still be stupid, make stupid remarks, do stupid stuff. Sometimes “amazingly” as case in point.

    • You have do not seem to understand that credentials like the ones that you mentioned to not make a person smart. You have no idea who is feeding him talking points. You should really start being more skeptical, it is foolish to be as naive as you come across with this statement.

  10. Peter calls Biden a populist (LOL)and the Brothers of Italy party (built on faith, family and about to take power) a group of fascists. If you read ANY quote by Mussolini and are honest about what conservatives really want in life (smallest govt and to be left alone) you would never put conservatives in league with fascists. We on the right abhor fascism, socialism and communism. All the same big govt bs to us where everything is about the state. Peter is a schill for globalism at the same time as he’s promoting its demise. Something fishy with him and while I think he’s smart, I do not trust him.

  11. I have not seen Zeihan “fawn” over Zelensky. You may like Putin, but hate Zelensky, but Zelensky has shown the steel required of a leader in a country under attack by a country everyone thought would take Ukraine down in 3 days.

  12. I stumbled upon this page while doing a quick search about Peter Zeihan, and boy was I shocked to find that the internet actually contains baseless and bigoted right-wing propaganda pretending to tell unwary readers (or the willfully Qrazed and traitorous) the unvarnished truth about which they, unfortunately, know nothing and care less. As soon as I reached the point in this brief, baseless and intellectually challenged little slam piece where the “author” refers to Zeihan being a despicable shill for the “faux vaxxines,” I knew I was no longer on planet Earth. If you cared about facts, you wouldn’t still be making that kind of boneheaded denialist claim about the vaccines and COVID. But I know facts have become inconvenient to folks that seem to feed at this extremist trough. As for Zeihan, I know nothing about him and didn’t learn anything from reading this smear, but I will assume that he’s closer to being on the side of reality.

    • Vaxx doesn’t prevent infection or transmission and it’s produced by the DOD that bypasses all safety protocols, the victims of the adverse events are ignored and I’m not taking anything from the convicted felons of Big pHARMa, go look up the deaths their fraud has caused, bribery, racketeering and murder of Nigerian children on corporate rap sheets that summarizes a bunch of court convictions of the pHARMa cartel.

    • If the CIA run Wikipedia endorses him he’s beating the globalist narrative drum.
      Vaxx doesn’t prevent infection or transmission and it’s produced by the DOD that bypasses all safety protocols, the victims of the adverse events are ignored and I’m not taking anything from the convicted felons of Big pHARMa, go look up the deaths their fraud has caused, bribery, racketeering and murder of Nigerian children on corporate rap sheets that summarizes a bunch of court convictions of the pHARMa cartel.

    • Your comment will not age well. Keep vaxxing and boosting and I will be arguing with air. Your body will be gone.

  13. It’s certainly worth taking my time to get Peter Ziehan’s take on any issue.

  14. Agree with Mr. Hillman’s comments. Really like how he ties and explains current world event. A fresh perspective relative to media narrative.

  15. Have you noticed that few of the throngs of “talking heads” are simply offering opinions and seldom if ever have data and historical references to validate their diatribe. Even the most mild of the “talking heads” are aligning themselves with certain groups, politics, religions, or monetary motives.

    Peter Ziehan is all about data and facts. Thank goodness for Geo Political Strategist that are not tainted by motives, influenced by a demagog, or religion that without exception pillage and rape the less powerful, in the name of God. Peace and love…

  16. I have been following Zeihan’s work for some time. He has an excellent foundation in geography and demographics, and I find his work to be worthwhile even if for no other reason than to give a reasoned interpretation on the trajectory of world events. His books are very detailed, and when it comes to non-political subjects, he can be pretty spot on.

    That being said, I have been outspoken about how he always toes the establishment line politically speaking, when it comes matters such as January 6th, Covid-19 and Vaccines, Pretending China’s response to Covid is legitimate, etc.

    Very much an authoritarian boot licker.

    However, I have not found another person that does a better job of articulating and illustrating how the world works. Very good presenter and educator on his specific domain of specialty, but also someone of which to be wary. I’ll continue checking in with him, but people should know that he will always toe the line in order to maintain his special relationship with the Establishment and likely CIA or other 3 letter agency..

    • Agreed, Josh, and well said. Zeihan is a guy you just want to do a drive-by on, smash & grab some of his good data and analytics, with a grain of salt, then roll on. He hit the jackpot with his multi-year advance call on Russia going into full Ukraine mode and has capitalized on that. Keep in mind all the wise old timers have been warning this could happen longer than Zeihan. Zeihan simply, luckily, but correctly read Putin’s demographic and aging situation and called the 2022 outside date for the big move.

    • Well, I applaud you for being more objective and informative than the author of the published “alert” or whatever it is. I don’t know Zeihan’s work but will do a little more investigation now.

      It’s weird, and a bit disturbing, how you switch from that rational mode to one of right-wing cant in the next two paragraphs. You apparently don’t care for the reality of Jan. 6, covid, vaccines and other subjects about which there’s plenty of hard evidence on the side you oppose. But sinking to juvenile slanders like “authoritarian boot licker” is the final nail in your intellectual coffin. If you want authoritarians, you need look no further than trump and the swamp gang he leads, formerly known and sometimes respected as the Republican Party. It’s not even debatable, but I suspect you’re not interested in debating reality rather than confirmation bias.

      • The “reality” of Jan. 6 is FAR from what you are willing to be told or believe.

      • I laugh harder each time I read this drivel.

    • Agreed Mr. Hillman…..Zeihan should stick to geopolitics and demographics and give up his stance on public policy. I’m sure he’d love to be invited to Davos.

    • Well articulated Joshua

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