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28 January 2022

Mind purge, sans edit

I finished read his latest book yesterday while watching the invasion in Mexico.

BLUF: Zeihan is a huckster. Has no idea what he is talking about half the time. Zeihan baffles with bullshit. Another intellectual male who in video openly fawns over Zelensky as if for a wanna-be lover.

I cannot read Zeihan’s mind, but I can read and listen to his words. Zeihan is the sort of male that through acting and faux-intellectualism lulls people to sleep or into traps.

I do not recommend this book, though am happy I read it — along with watching Zeihan on videos, I smell a shill. Gelding with a microphone

More evidence: This book is on the New York Times Bestseller list. Zeihan is endorsed by Mitt Romney, Ian Bremmer, and Fareed Zakaria.

In 2022, so-called ‘analyst’ ‘intellectual’ who still is pushing the faux vaxxines is, at best amazingly stupid. Or a shill. Likely both.

Zeihan’s vax-shilling alone will be his undoing. These bills will come due.

Zeihan was scheduled for a big interview. I know the gatekeeper and alerted of some passages in this book.

Zeihan is part of an ecosystem rocking Americans to sleep.

Two images:

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  1. Agree with Mr. Hillman’s comments. Really like how he ties and explains current world event. A fresh perspective relative to media narrative.

  2. Have you noticed that few of the throngs of “talking heads” are simply offering opinions and seldom if ever have data and historical references to validate their diatribe. Even the most mild of the “talking heads” are aligning themselves with certain groups, politics, religions, or monetary motives.

    Peter Ziehan is all about data and facts. Thank goodness for Geo Political Strategist that are not tainted by motives, influenced by a demagog, or religion that without exception pillage and rape the less powerful, in the name of God. Peace and love…

  3. I have been following Zeihan’s work for some time. He has an excellent foundation in geography and demographics, and I find his work to be worthwhile even if for no other reason than to give a reasoned interpretation on the trajectory of world events. His books are very detailed, and when it comes to non-political subjects, he can be pretty spot on.

    That being said, I have been outspoken about how he always toes the establishment line politically speaking, when it comes matters such as January 6th, Covid-19 and Vaccines, Pretending China’s response to Covid is legitimate, etc.

    Very much an authoritarian boot licker.

    However, I have not found another person that does a better job of articulating and illustrating how the world works. Very good presenter and educator on his specific domain of specialty, but also someone of which to be wary. I’ll continue checking in with him, but people should know that he will always toe the line in order to maintain his special relationship with the Establishment and likely CIA or other 3 letter agency..

    • Agreed, Josh, and well said. Zeihan is a guy you just want to do a drive-by on, smash & grab some of his good data and analytics, with a grain of salt, then roll on. He hit the jackpot with his multi-year advance call on Russia going into full Ukraine mode and has capitalized on that. Keep in mind all the wise old timers have been warning this could happen longer than Zeihan. Zeihan simply, luckily, but correctly read Putin’s demographic and aging situation and called the 2022 outside date for the big move.

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